WhattaRelief! is a site primarily devoted to wood carving, much of which is relief carving or kolrosing.

Relief Carving
"Unlike paper or canvas, wood has useful thickness. When a carver makes use of that fact by cutting away the background to make his design stand out and to model the design to give it form, he is carving in relief.
"Cutting a second plane that is just below the first, and having rounded forms that are correspondingly flattened, the carving is called low relief or bas-relief.  
"As the ground is sunk more and more, additional planes can be introduced to get perspective, forms can be rounded as in nature, and the carving becomes high relief.
"There is no definite line of differentiation until the relief becomes so high that it frees itself from the background and it becomes carving in the round."
(E. J. Tangerman, 1936)


"Kolrosing (coal-rose-ing), originally from Scandinavia, is the delightful art form of creating exquisite, fine line decoration in wood.  From spoons to furniture -- beautiful geometric, floral, and animal images come alive using only a single incised cut from a knife.  Kolrosing is very accessible to the beginner, yet it offers a lifetime of creative expression for experienced carvers and woodworkers.
"Kolrosing is almost the opposite of chip-carving - you take only one cut with the tool, thus no shaving is removed - when finished you simply rub a color into the cut, oil it, and you have a beautiful creation." (Pinewood Forge, Leonard, MN, 2003)

Those interested in Kolrosing, are invited to go to our Links page and scroll down to the Pinewood Forge link. 
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